Heat appliable solutions for performing quality on textiles. To embellish and functionalize interior or exterior outfits. Using own technologies, creative innovation and expertise. For brands, industries, customization businesses and retail.

We provide heat-transfers prints, badges, reflective, materials, heat-press machines, technical support, specialities and beyond!

HELIOTransfers® are Beyond Printing!

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Materials in colors, effects or to print.
Mounting tape for assemblies.
Cut and get amazing prints!

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Printed eletronics for textiles.
Capacitive touch, sensors, heating, etc.
High-tech wearables projects!
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Customizable, ready to use, no waste.
Zippers, pockets, breathable, holes, etc
Functional reinforcements!

Heat Presses

For professional use and productivity.
Use reliable heat presses.

Supporting customers for valuable results!